Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Samsung galaxy S3 cannot copy and paste!

I've not felt driven to write my blog for a while and I've never felt so driven to write! 
How true is the saying "The opposite of Love is Hate"...Hatred drives! And is driving me Nuts...

I don't blog when I'm so happy to get my new Samsung Galaxy S3 on the 1st day of launch in SG, on 30 May 2012 . It's the most expensive Android phone I've paid for, ($348 + $20+ micro sim activation) and I was afraid I would regret my decision. See I'm on Starhub Hub Club plan, so I'm entitled to renew my existing mobile contract every year, which means I could buy about 2 outdated, solid tested, cheaper phones for the price of one S3. Buying a new phone on launch date, is definitely with a premium price and is a complete luxury for me...Samsung S3 LTE with Jelly Bean OS is now $268! Now almost end of October no smell of Jelly Bean!

I've yet to regret my decision for getting the S3 for 4 months plus, as it's a great phone and I love it! Until just 12 days ago, my S3 cannot copy and paste! BIG REGRET! Everytime that I try to copy anything on an app , that app will crash...or otherwise there's no paste option...Happens in gmail, sms, browsers...whatsapp lagi good show "This functionality is not supported on your device" error, when I have copy functionality with no problem for 4 mths.

What is worse than software issue is poor customer service! Samsung has no clue about this matter, or perhaps intentionally keeping this hush hush the Singaporean Style! I complain to Samsung Care via email can only advise to Factory reset or bring it to service centre. Via phone can't talk to human being, the recording will go on and on and on...Via FB
Samsung Singapore wrote: "@Felix: Do press and hold the text you would like to copy, tap on the Scissor icon and the text will be copied to clipboard. When you would like to paste, do press and hold to paste."
Ya, report issue to idiot will get idiotic reply...
I at least expect them to acknowledge my problem and this problem, I'm not the only one lor...

Just some of links:

I've not been able to google for a possible cause and I wouldn't believe this is happening, if it didn't happen to me. I didn't update firmware or install any apps that would seem to cause this problem, it's totally random.

Anyway "Copy and Paste" is something so basic, that I've taken it for granted...As no product that I've used had screwed something so basic! Even M$ didn't commit such a crime! I'm in computer line and I've not been pissed by the gazillion Micro$oft problems, as much as this Samsung S3 copy paste issue! 

A factory reset for such an issue is unacceptable! What more I read the problem will occur again. Rooting will solve my problem, but I prefer not to root and let Samsung roll out an update to fix the root of this problem! 

I feel like I'm the only person in Singapore complaining about this matter...Can affected users please escalate it on Samsung Facebook wall to make Samsung Mobile wake up their bloody idea.
Samsung can copy all that they want from Apple, but if they copy the way Steve Jobs answer problems, we should not accept it! We Android users are a totally different breed from Apple users!

Perhaps that's the problem, Android users are too tech savvy to escalate it back to the manufacturer and prefer to root away the problem...But this problem may mean more small small problems in subsequent Samsung products, which can lump up to a big problem!

I hope Samsung will resolve my problem or my next phone will be Sony, HTC etc...

Very disappointed in Samsung...


  1. I have same issue ..I used from Sep to mid November without any issues..Then after the last software update ,this paste vanished

    1. U can email (Samsung SG CEO) regarding this problem. I got better service from Samsung, but they still failed to solve the problem...

      The Samsung engineer 1st tried to root, fix my problem and then unroot. (I think it voided my warranty, as it will show "Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available" when updating software. Days later it happened again and the engineer came down to root my phone. He will let me know, once there is a fix for this...that's like 2 weeks still waiting.

      Currently the best fix is to root the phone. Resetting the phone, there's a 60% chance the problem will come back, if u use Google Chrome and Drive...

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  3. Same here. Copy and paste stopped working after Nov OS update. Give me back my iPhone!

  4. I've lost the privilige to copy & paste last week. I guess Samsung feels that they are the only ones who have the right to copy !